Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just Another Day...Or Is It?

Nine months ago, there was not so normal of a day...Nate came home to this.
And he documented both of us on that day...
And the planning began...and trust me there was a lot of planning to be done.  Like, documenting the pregnancy...which I had to put on the calendar every 4 weeks so I wouldn't forget!
And the plan changed when I went to the doctor at 38 weeks and 4 days and she told me I was dilated to be almost a 5.  Olivia snapped the final shot the next morning...
I love it when a plan comes together...our sweet baby girl was born the very next day and this is how it went...

 October 8, 2011
I live in a constant state of denial when I can see that my plan for anything isn't going to work out like I, um, planned.  So, when I awoke at 5am on Saturday, October 8th, not feeling quite right, but not bad, I pressed on.  That is what we do...women, moms, that is.  As I put on my makeup and fixed my hair to head out to the football field (7:30am) I got the slightest feeling I might just have wet my pants.  But I am a grown up and we don't do that.  So, I ignore is some bad side effect of being so pregnant I tell myself.  As I proceed to fixing Olivia and Addison's hair I realize I might just have a problem with my bladder...or my water has broken.  I continue getting everyone ready and as Nate is standing by the door to usher us all out I give him this look.  And I say, "Nate. I think my water broke."  He says, "Ok, call the hospital and what are we going to do now (with our girls that is)?"  This is more denial..."Oh, you take them in my car on out to the ball field.  I will go grab my hospital bag just in case and be right behind you.  Just tell the girls I am running behind."  He says, "Make sure you call the hospital."  So you know what I did?  I called the hospital.  They weren't very understanding about all of my plans for the day...they told me I needed to come in.  SO, then I called backup.  And you know what I said to her at 8:45 in the morning.  "Could there be any worse timing?"  She laughed.  Later I would find out just how right I was in her mind...she was in the shower with a wet head full of shampoo...but she saw my number...what a friend!  Then, I called my mom.  Well, there was shock and then a little panic in her voice.  So not like her.  She kept telling me to get in the car and go.  Well, I needed to add the essentials to my, hair dryer, etc...they might just make me stay.  She wasn't very understanding of this.  So, off I went...that's right...drove myself right to the hospital. 

Pretty soon Man and Cowgirl were by my side...
And, after a much needed "boost" in the epidural we were ready to push...4 times...and she was here!

ARRIVING ON October 8, 2011 at 2:56pm
Allye Michelle Bouchard

The real excitement began when her two BIG sisters came for a visit.  

 We took one night of rest...if you can call it that when they come in your room every hour...and we were ready for home!
I think we are settling in just fine...we have LOTS of help!

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  1. Love it congrats again cant wait to meet her :) Janice


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