Sunday, October 23, 2011

How Did I Get My Name?

Allye Michelle

It's like this...we did not discuss much about names because we figured one just wouldn't matter eventually.  So, all we had discussed before learning our third girl was on the way was would we give the child names that started with vowels or not (like our other two).  We had discussed during each pregnancy naming our girls after my mom but felt like we couldn't "see" our kids looking like a Sallye.  Just when we thought we would name a third girl Sallye (before we knew it was a girl) that was squashed when I was asked, in her presence, if we had considered naming a girl Sallye.  Before I could lie respond mom piped in, "Don't do that."  I didn't ask her why because she said it in that way that mom's do.  You know, with that tone that says this is not up for discussion.  I have never adhered to that tone much in my life but I thought I better be real careful with her so I said, "Mom, we put the name on the birth certificate and we will decide."  It was in my nicest tone...really.  There wasn't much discussion until a few minutes later she said, "Well, you could use the name and drop the "s" and then you would have a name that starts with a vowel.  I gave her my best poker face but I knew, I knew in that moment that that would be her name...if it was a girl.

We choose to name her Allye to honor a woman, my mom, who has been there by my side and our side throughout the ups and downs of life.  She has stood strong in moments of rejoice and moments of tears.  She has loved when everyone else walked away.  She has been more then a mom.  She has become my best friend.  She is the strongest person I know and loves with her whole heart.  She represents what I hope all of my girls can become.  A loving wife, mother, and daughter.  She works hard, plays hard, and gives of herself in a way that others would never consider.  I love her, we love her, and we hope that Allye can do her name proud. 

Choosing her middle name was hard on me.  I am so thankful that Nate pushed me to do this.  Allye's middle name, Michelle, is my middle name and completes a circle in naming our children.  We gave Olivia the middle name Anne, after my mother's mother, Anne Elizabeth.  Addison then received her middle name, Elizabeth.  I love that the bond we have as mother, daughter, grandmother and granddaughter will live on in my three girls.

So, it's Allye.  A.L.L.Y.E.

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  1. A delightful story and quite a tribute to an amazing Mom.


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