Monday, July 11, 2011

Enjoy Them

As my eyes slowly peeled back Sunday morning, at the sound of what I should have thought was the sweetest sound ever, I was staring into the wide eyes of my sweet, precious 5 year old.  Except, I wasn't thinking sweet and precious during the 7 o'clock hour.  I hadn't slept all night due to a random summer allergy cold that crept in on me in conjunction with the bathroom visits that are part of my life now.  I am sure I grunted at her, told her to go find Meme, and rolled back over.  Well, that didn't last long because then sweet Addison came to the edge of my bed, with her four blankets, and said "Mornin' Momma!"  I gave up, rolled over and got out of bed.  

No where was it in my mind that we would be going to church that day.  Frankly, I planned to spend the day in my pajamas, in bed.  No guilt at all.  I felt like a train ran over me. we sat at breakfast and I realized that my sweet angels should have gotten about two more hours of sleep based on the attitudes that were permeating the air and the following arguments and fights that followed, I was thinking church might just be what was needed for my sanity.  So, I found the energy to get us all dressed and ready and we were off.

As we meandered up the sidewalk to the main entrance, the sweetest old lady approached us and with the most genuine smile a Southern woman can plaster on and said, "Such beautiful girls."  Looks right in my eyes and says, "Enjoy them."  I can tell you that is not the first time that has been said to me by someone several decades older then me.  But, this time it hit me like a rock.  I smiled at her and politely said, "I will."  I can only vaguely tell you what that service was all about about because there was just something about this woman and the way she said this to me that got me thinking...H.A.R.D. 

So, I informed my girls the next night that the following day would be our day to play games, color, whatever they wanted to do.  Olivia asks, "No cleaning?"  I happily respond, "No."  Now I knew I had to follow through because she is 5 and doesn't forget anything. 

I am happy to report that we had the B.E.S.T day hanging out working puzzles, making jellyfish and crabs out of paper plates and construction paper, playing our Wii, taking a hike to the mailbox (yes, it is a hike in my parents' neighborhood), looking in on the garden, and feeding the fish and ducks down at the pond.  We even had two desserts for lunch!  We had a blast!  And I didn't die.  And I didn't wonder what wasn't getting done. And the house didn't fall down.  No one starved.  The clothes patiently waited another day in the hamper.  This was a day I needed as much as they did.  A day where they enjoyed me and I ENJOYED THEM! 

P.S.  There are no pictures of this amazing day...because I was enjoying them...and it was wonderful..just in case I didn't mention that.

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