Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We Had A Hopping Great Easter!

 It really wasn't until two years ago, when we moved to Texas, that I realized the true undertaking of creating a memorable holiday for your family.  Even after we had Olivia we would still travel home to my Mom's for holidays, since she was only three hours away.  I grew up celebrating holidays with my grandparents and wanted the same for my kids.  So, it was such a blessing that we were able to create those same memories for Olivia for several years.  

My first couple of holidays in Texas, I can admit, did not go over well for me.  It just didn't feel the same and I had a hard time getting dressed up and fixing up the house just for us.  The hardest part was realizing that my kids were perfectly happy and content and really didn't know the difference while I was miserable about the whole thing.  But...I am turning a corner!  I set my mind to Easter being a special time and doing the work to make it extra special for all of us.  We started by decorating our tree with Easter ornaments.
Then I noticed that the top half of lights were not working...but I did not let that get me down.  We sent Daddy into the attic where another set was stored, behind the 500 pound Christmas tree I bought last year :)  He dutifully retrieved them...I am not so sure it was with a smile though...OOPS!

Then, we had another slight issue to take care of.  Because I could not decide on find an Easter dress anywhere for Olivia, we were down to the wire on taking Easter pictures to send out cards.  People...I don't do last minute...I HATE it and it makes me a wreck
nervous.  So, two Fridays before Easter I had planned this extravagant photo session with Fancy and was super excited.  I wake up to cranky pants, Olivia, who is NOT getting her hair done or her picture made...at the last minute.  Addison is so excited and stands poised for hair and dressing up...even though she was a little disappointed when I explained that dressing up was not going to be in the Fancy Nancy outfit she brought to me.  After a major Mommy meltdown that concluded with Olivia not having her picture made and every other stage mom response I could have had---don't judge--I am being honest here---Nate comes home and asks have I seen the weather outside.  Uh, yes...it is a beautiful, slightly sunny day.  He explains that he means have I noticed that the trees are about to blow over.  Oh great...here we go again..that is Texas for you.  This is not ordinary wind people.  It is Texas sized wind but I am woman and I am determined and it was the last minute and I had to get those cards out!
So, we were off...with Daddy in tow...bless his heart.  He even convinced Olivia that taking her picture was what she wanted to do.  Here are a few we captured...
 Clearly we have one into posing and the other one...well, not so much.

  Once that was over we were on to the more traditional Easter activities....first we had to color our eggs...I love this part!  Nate is getting more into it every year with a little less focus on the mess!  Guess which egg was Nate's?

Do you see it?  Way back there on the left?

And of course the final day arrived for the bunny to visit us, a trip to church, and Easter dinner!
The Easter Bunny!

The Winston-Salem, NC Bunnies!

The Charlotte, NC Bunnies!

We hope your Easter holiday was as special as ours!

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