Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Olivia Sleeps?

A couple of weeks ago (so, it took me a bit to gather my proof) Olivia crawled into my bed early one morning.  I did my best to pretend I was asleep but it got harder and harder the louder she herself.  So I finally rolled over and opened an eye just enough to see if she was looking at me.  Of course she was.  Waiting with baited breath to ask me the most important question of the morning.  "Mommy, can you get me some juice?"  Ugh!  Instead of saying what I was thinking, I asked her in the nicest of voices, "Olivia did you sleep good last night?"  She very pointedly answered, "Mommy, I didn't sleep (long pause), I just laid down real hard."  Needless to say I was off for the juice because I was about to laugh til my belly hurt.

So, if you know Olivia she has been telling people from the time she could talk that she doesn't take naps.  She has told me for years now she doesn't sleep at night even...stays awake all night.  So, this latest comment really got me to thinking that she probably does feel like she lays down really hard.  You might feel like that too if you were caught sleeping like this:
at 1 year...

at 4...
Then there was the night I went to "tuck" her in and found this...
Only to realize I passed her as I came down the hall sleeping here...
Yes, behind the chair passed out!
And this was just a week ago...I figured I better get more recent proof for Miss Smarty Pants.  I was starting to think she was getting to be a little more normal until I went in the next night to find her with her feet on her pillow and on top of her completely made bed.  I am not sure who to "blame" for this behavior???

So my dear do sleep...although it is not very do sleep...just a little.
I love you,

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  1. Seana Streich TaylorApril 27, 2011 at 9:26 PM

    Must be something with the name... my Olivia is also an unconventional sleeper. Feet on the pillow, tossing & turning, sometimes on the floor, laughs in her sleep. It's exhausting to share a bed with her!


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