Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday Diary

"Ruth didn't go back to what was familiar.  She stepped out in faith and walked into the unknown.  Her courage brought her to her divine destiny.  Don't look back." ~A Modern Day Ruth

It's hard, this life we are living.  We are always looking forward it seems.  The next promotion.  The next TDY.  The next deployment.  The next set of orders.  The next move.  Frankly, enjoying the present takes work most of the time.  And then forward comes.  The moment we've waited on, anticipated, even asked for....and anxiety and fear strike.  But we must step faith.  This faith we have, it doesn't make things easy....just possible.  Inevitably we look back.  We yearn for the known and the comfortable because, in this life, forward is always hard.  But we must rise up, show courage, and exude an unwavering trust in Him.  For He is the creator of divine appointments and frankly, I prefer to be on time.  #raisingupruths

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