Monday, July 15, 2013

Friends, Fireworks, & Fun!

Here is what I love about summer.  I make big plans to get so much done because now I have all of this extra time ;) and then we just start having so much fun I forget about everything else and enjoy the ride with my kids.  We are truly having a great summer and so many wonderful experiences as a family of 5.  Man said it right the other night...he met us at the beach one evening after work and he said there was a moment when he took it all in and thought, "This is the life."  We truly feel blessed to have each other and these wonderful girls.  Here is what we have been up to this month.

We were hosting a July 4th BBQ so I had Man set up the beach cover so we wouldn't melt.  Turned out to be a great cover for some pool time.

I was home in March and went to visit this little fabric store that had been recommended by more then one person.  One of those people happens to be my cousin.  She has taken up sewing and can out-sew my pants any day of the week.  It made my day that she walked through the door while I was there!  We had great girl talk and picked out some fabrics together.  One set would become July 4th outfits for my girls.  However, at that cost we would be choosing fabrics that did not so much scream JULY 4th!  I really stepped out on this one and made three entirely new patterns.  If you sew, you might realize this was slightly crazy...especially if you knew all of the other sewing that was getting done at this same time.  I was quite pleased with the end products.  Allye's was very special as hers was made with a pattern that my mother passed on to me that she used when I was 2.

When the final products were done we took the girls into these beautiful woods.  It was quiet and peaceful...until Man started trying to make them smile.  Now that is something I wish we had on camera!  He is such a gem.  It is because of him I came home to more than 150 pictures of my girls...with more then just one of them smiling.  Here are a few of my favorites.

He might have had the help of a few Skittles...

July 4th came in with rainy weather altering our plans for a big beach morning with the best neighbors ever, but that was not slowing us down.  Instead?  Breakfast in our pajamas at their house.  She "threw" this together.

It was wonderful!  We played and hung out until lunch when we walked home to start the preparations for the evening.

With a break in the rain we took a quick picture.  But it was a very good thing Mama M brought in back-up.  She came up with some really neat games for the kids to play...

With a small break in the torrential rains our men set up our Smores campfire and drink stand for the neighborhood crowd to join us in the circle.  It was so sad to see so many people "posting" that they did not have any fireworks due to cancellations for weather.  We did not have this problem.  We may or may not have had our own "over the ocean" worthy fireworks show at the bottom of our hill.  It was truly an amazing site from the top and I am so thankful for this experience.  What a sight to see all of the kids running wild with sparklers and pops and smores and the house, out of the was a crazy kind of fun and we can't wait for next year!  We finished off the night with wish lanterns.  We will do these again!

Next up we had Allye's first dentist appointment.  I was terrified about how this would go so I did not take my camera for fear she would somehow destroy it during my moment of "let's preserve this memory."  Homegirl does not like anyone to touch her mouth.  Period.  Of course I give all of the warnings and she lays back perfectly, opens her mouth, and has only a slight moment of uneasiness...which was easily cured with the selection of her first dentist toothbrush.  

Since she seemed to be handling the big girl duties so well we moved her to the table.  I cannot begin to tell you how this really feels.  All of these moments make my heart weak.  I want to slow this down.  I am truly grasping every single moment with her.

We had another big first last week when Mama M and I let the girls have a sleepover.  I took the two bigs and she took the two littles.  

They were so excited!  That got to eat dinner with each other, watch movies, and play.  There was very little sleep happening in either house.  I will save the details for a full post.

A couple of weeks ago I signed Allye up for Parent's Night Out at her church school.  I had a secret plan to take Olivia and Addison on a girl's night out.  They were thrilled when we only dropped Allye off and drove across the street to the movies.  After munching on popcorn, candies, and drinks we went to eat....appetizers and desserts only!  They thought I lost my mind!  It was awesome!

I took this time to talk with them and show them how I felt about each of them.  This was their favorite.

I let them order any dessert they wanted.  We couldn't finish.
 And finally, a moment I have been working towards for a few months.  Addison announced to me towards the end of school that she wanted me to teach her to read.  I was very ambivalent about this and put her off until she just wouldn't let it go.  After deciding on the method I was going to use we got started.  Because I chose a 100% phonics program it has taken quite awhile to get to the reading part of reading.  I have been amazed, intrigued, baffled, frustrated, ready to quit, happy, sad, name it, I have felt it during this process.  BUT, the reward came tonight when she sat down and read her first book.  The light in her eyes when she realized that she was "doing it" was more then I could hardly stand.  I showered her with kisses and high-fives and Olivia was beyond proud (she has been just as determined to teach her as I have).  That moment is something I will share with her forever.  I am so thankful for every good and bad moment of this experience so that I could witness tonight and be a part of her accomplishment.

Living and Loving Life...

--The Mama

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