Monday, June 17, 2013

Project 365...and a Father's Day Collage

Happy Monday Everyone!  Nate and I are knee deep in 16 first graders (who keep telling us they aren't first graders) this week for Vacation Bible School!  Pray people, pray.  

First I will give you the latest Project 365 pictures and at the bottom a collage of Nate's Father's Day activities.  We are still on the go, just how I like it!

 When I married Nate, almost ten years ago, I could not have described to anyone the kind of father I hoped he would be.  I could tell everyone about a lot of the things I hoped he was not and maybe a few traits I hoped he would have, but I had no big picture.  Coming from a broken home at a very young age, marriage and dual parenting was not modeled for me through my formative years.  As a teenager, my mother re-married, and I am thankful that this man exemplified a positive husband role for me to observe.  He fulfilled many parental duties along the way and chose to love me through the very hardest of times...and there were hard times.  As each year passes for Nate and I as parents, my love for him grows stronger each day as I witness him loving our daughters.  And with Nate LOVE is an action word.  I can see the way he talks to them, plays with them, "fixes" everything from their meals to their boo-boos, snuggles with them through their favorite TV shows, teaches them "guy" stuff, the list could truly go on and on.  While I know there are many great fathers out there, I am so thankful he is the father for our family.  I am so thankful that our three girls are seeing LOVE in action.  And, I can honestly say, I hope they grow up and marry young men that are just like their daddy.      


---The Mama

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