Friday, June 10, 2011


As many of you know I am a "need to know" person, with the sex of my babies being no exception.  Well, this third baby is the exception.  There was this odd peace I felt about this pregnancy and the need to not know what the baby was.  Probably because the only thing I would not have if it were a boy is clothes.  And people, let me remind stepbrother and his wife just had boy triplets...clothes were not a concern!  

So, when I announced to Nate that I really did not care to find out this time he was shocked.  Like his jaw hit the floor shocked.  Especially since this pregnancy has been so different and somewhere in him he just might have felt sure it was a boy.  And since he very clearly remembers me dragging him back out of the bed after one hour of sleep and a failed sex determining ultrasound, driving him an hour down the road while guzzling a Mountain Dew, plunking down $100, and knowing the sex of my first little miracle within seconds of her placing the wand on my belly, driving him an hour back, putting him to bed, and shopping for pink all day.  The look alone on his face told me he was D.Y.I.N.G to know.  So, I figured we needed to do something a little different this time. 

So here is how it goes.  I have the sweetest most loving little boy in my Sunday School class.  He is my world every Sunday.  His mom and I became Facebook friends.  In checking out some of her pictures I see that she had a gender reveal party for her third baby...a girl!  I thought it was a cool idea.  I wasn't sure how she did it but I would work out an idea that worked for us.  So, I decide (yes, I...Nate is still on the fence at that point) that we should be the ones to not know and get the surprise.  I enlist my mom, the best secret keeper I know, to be the one that will know and be in charge of the surprise.  She was totally on board for this...although I am sure she has lost a few winks trying to come up with something she thinks I will think is creative enough...  She even offers to fly in and do the surprise here...until we realize that we will only be finding out a week before we come to her house for 6 weeks.  Oh yeah, and she is meeting us in Oklahoma City to drive with us not here.  So, what are we to do?  Well, I can't find out without Nate so we will W.A.I.T.  That is extra 6 weeks!

Now let me say that I really felt no need to know...we went to the ultrasound and I did not take my eyes off the screen.  The girl knew the deal and she took all of the measurements and the time came.  I warned her that she had to be 100% sure since I was not looking too.  She turned the screen away and focused with cat like eyes on the black and white screen.  Moments later she presses a button that spits out several pictures.  She gently folds them and places them on the side of her table.  She slowly turns the screen back, looks at me, smiles, and says, "I am 100% sure."  Well then it hit is the weirdest feeling to know that someone knows and only one person, she didn't even tell the doctor...who is also now dying to know!  We had it sealed in our decorated envelope, equipped with several layers of papered protection.  And the best part for me was that we had her take our picture with each of my girls holding their ultrasounds from the day we found out that they were girls!  So now it stares at me.  Everyday.  On the counter.  In the cute little double protected envelope.  With reinforced packing tape on the seal...that the tech put on there.  There will be no peeking of any kind. At all.  Until my mom opens it.  So, until July 16th we W.A.I.T. for the big reveal!

Oh yeah...and she had us tell her what we thought it was.  I was the only one that guessed boy! 

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  1. Congratulations Lindsey, that is such a wonderful idea. I don't know if you remember me my daughter Emma, she went to preschool with Olivia @ ADBC and was in Ms. Elaine's and Ms. Kristi's class with her. Roy told me about your blog. Emma talks about Olivia still to this day! I am glad to see all is well with your family. Have a safe drive to see your family. Nicole Olexa


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